Cargo Damage

We undertake surveys of a wide range of cargo damage by sea, air and road – including general dry cargo, food stuffs (fresh, chilled and frozen), dangerous goods, liquid products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery and bulk grain/minerals, damage of which was attributable not only to transportation accidents but also to natural disaster, earthquake, flood, typhoon and the like. We ascertain the nature, extent and causes of the damage, help to mitigate the loss, and issue timely and coherent survey reports to applicants.

P&I Insurance Claims

We investigate marine casualties involving ship owners' liability. We assess the direct and indirect losses/damages of oil pollution, and tourism, fishery claims, personal injuries and fixed/floating objects and cargo damage and advise on mitigation of the loss.

Cargo Loading/Securing

We advise on loading and securing of project cargo, plants, heavy lifts and special machinery, and monitor the whole process of the loading including the stowage/securing of such cargoes in order to prevent possible damage during the voyage to destination ports.

Hull & Machinery

We investigate the nature and extent of damage to hull and machinery caused by marine accidents and report on the process of repair and reconditioning (if any) until completion of the work.

Condition of Ships

We discover overall conditions of vessels on behalf of hull insurers and ship buyers and sellers. We also ascertain the condition and quantity of bunker oil remaining on board at the time of commencement and completion of chartering.

Pre-shipment Cargo Condition

We conduct inspections of conditions of cargo and cargo packing before loading for exporting. We report original conditions of the cargo and advise on the properness of packing for safe carriage.

Draft Survey

Draft survey is a method to determine the amount of bulk cargo on board ships. We measure the ship's draft before and after loading/discharging of cargo and conduct accurate calculation in order to ascertain the weight of cargo.

General Average

General Average is a principal by which all parties involved, including cargo owners, are required to make proportional contribution to share losses and costs expended to save voyage from marine casualties. For all types of applicants, we conduct necessary investigations in order to estimate the loss arising from general average.

Risk Assessment

On land, we provide an evaluation of risks of natural disaster, fire and theft to properties stored at factories, warehouses, shops and museums.